A disaster is a set of events which place an area in an inoperable state. The same definition when is applied to businesses leads to the development of disaster recovery planning. Disaster recovery in businesses means making an organization recover from the negative effects of a disaster. In this case, disasters can be anything from a cyber-attack to an earthquake which caused chaos and mismanagement in the building. It is at times like these when you need a strong medium of communication between all the employees working there.

Why is communication important in disaster recovery?

Usually, when coming up with a plan for disaster recovery, companies neglect the most important part of this operation: Communication. Without this, it wouldn’t be possible to get the system back in operations and the organization would be left facing exactly what it set out to avoid: chaos and mismanagement. In order to make sure that all the employees are in synced and the flow of information is not broken, it is important that there is a communication plan for disaster recovery operations.

What would happen in the absence of a communication plan?

We all know that communication is important, but why? Here are a few reasons which would answer this question.

  • In order to make sure that the whole staff is on the same page, you need to make sure that the flow of information is consistent and efficient. The whole staff should be fed with the same information so that no rumors travel around causing more damage to the situation.
  • Without a plan, it wouldn’t be possible to access the whole staff at the same time. The organization would have to spend a lot of time in gathering the contact information of the employees especially the ones working in the remote areas.
  • Without a proper communication plan, it wouldn’t be easy to get the operations in order in a timely manner.

What should a communication plan have?

An effective communication plan is vital to disaster recovery. A good communication plan should include:

  • Contacts of all the employees of the organization
  • A way to communicate so that information can be broadcasted
  • Medical information of all the employees so that in case of a disaster they can get medical attention without any delay
  • A manager who is to overlook the flow of information

It is for this reason that it is important as an organization you invest in a good communication platform which has all the employees working with you. This way you can contact all and any one of them whenever you want. One of the best application for this purpose is the award-winning Chava. It gives you an effective platform for communication along with many other added features for your business so that no matter what the communication link is not broken amongst the employees at any cost.