Fundraising can be a daunting task for the non-profit organizations. Your cause may be noble but there are many noble causes. How do you clear the clutter and engage donors who are ready and willing to help? Here are six helpful tips.?

Assess Your Potential Donors

The first step is to assess your potential donors. What causes have they supported in the past? What causes are they supporting now? How well will your cause integrate with what they believe in? Donors will only contribute if your cause is something they believe in.

Communicate Your Cause

Be ready to communicate what you do and who you help quickly and efficiently. Chances are, if you have identified them as a donor, other non-profits have as well. Time is as precious as money; use it well.

Use of Digital Channels for Fundraising

With modern technology taking over all the aspects of life, it is important for non-profit organizations to incorporate digital channels in the donation process. Non-profits can take advantage of social media networks to build awareness of the causes they support, the benefits, and how donors, large and small, can help.

Continue to Engage Donors after the Donation

Once a donor has contributed, do not stop there. You are hoping to build a relationship with that donor that will result in lasting support. Keep them abreast of how their donations are helping those you serve and furthering the cause. Communicate and celebrate wins that their contributions made possible.

Involve Donors Deeply

If possible, bring willing donors into your organization as partners, ambassadors or board members. This builds emotional involvement by decreasing the distance between donors and those they help. Donors who take ownership for the success of your cause will be more willing to maintain their support year over year.

Easy Payment Methods for Donors

Do not make donors work to give you money, especially if you have many small donors who have not supported a cause before. Online payment functionality is expected and mobile payments are growing. Donors can put their money anywhere and, when considering two similar causes, they may chose the less frustrating one. Make sure that is yours.

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Non-profits are only as effective with members and donors who are engaged with them. Are you communicating with your audience enough? Effectively enough? You might want to look into Chava!