Go Beyond Engagement

Let’s face it, most engagement attempts are boring misfires that are too generic to actually get results.

You need something that fits you. Something that’s made for your group. Something that not only allows your team to engage, but gives the whole organization the power to encourage and empower one another to be the very best they can be. YOU NEED CHAVA


Chava is a mobile corporate communication, connection and engagement tool available for Android and iOS devices. More than just an app, Chava is a professional relationship grower, an engager of teams and spreader of workplace satisfaction.


We’d never dream of interfering with a company’s culture. Chava isn’t intended to be an app that people see as outside of your organization. Our goal is to configure the app to your culture by enabling or disabling features based on your individual company preference. No need to mess with complicated, costly customizations that may stop working with each update; configuration is something you control.

Maintenance & Enhancement

An app that stays static is one that will fail. We know this at Chava, that’s why our platform is in constant development. Our team works hard adding the latest technologies and features to the Chava app. This service is something we do behind the scenes, maintaining and enhancing the app so that your company has the best version possible. Chava gets better and your cost over time stays the same, what’s not to love?

Static app quickly decreases in value and relevance over time.
Cost drops over time as maintenance enhancements increase value.


The sensitive information contained within the Chava app is always private. Synced data is sent through an SSL-encrypted channel, ensuring that all communications are safe and protected. Additionally, conversations within the app can be made private when necessary. We stay updated on new security procedures that will ensure Chava is working at its most secure.
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