Ask many companies what drives success and you’ll get a wide array of answers. Many say good leadership is the key. Some say it’s all about hiring the best and brightest staff. Other responses are all across the board. At Chava, we like to think that above anything else employee empowerment is one of the most important drivers out there.

Not entirely sold on employee empowerment? Let’s look at what happens when employees aren’t empowered.

Customer Service

If you want to keep existing customers happy (and paying!), you have to provide good service. When employees aren’t empowered to take responsibility, their focus isn’t on customer happiness. They’re probably doing the bare minimum to get by, and not get in trouble. On the occasion they do solve a problem or make a customer happy, they probably aren’t recognized or thanked by the company. So, what’s the incentive to do that again? One of Chava’s key features helps recognize and reward others for jobs well done–not just by company leadership, but co-workers and peers as well.


An employee staring at a computer screen, standing at their post or sitting at a desk isn’t necessarily productive. When productivity is measured only by billable hours, time clocks and basic management oversight, productivity might appear to be excellent–but the truth eventually comes out! What’s the incentive to do any more than what’s being measured? Instead of micromanaging the wrong things, why not try measuring engagement instead?


Every company can benefit from creative solutions to problems. Whether that’s searching a little deeper for an answer, looking for an alternative way to get something done or finding a way to increase efficiency, there’s a place for creativity in all roles. Without employee empowerment, creativity takes a hit. In fact, it may even be actively snuffed out! One of Chava’s features let’s employees submit ideas and feedback to help improve things.


We’ve talked about customer loyalty before, and employee loyalty is the other side of that coin. When employees aren’t given power, they feel like they’ve been stripped of it. It’s one of the top reasons employees start looking for other jobs and eventually leave their current employers. Lack of loyalty has a very, very high price and can cause major problems in a company if it’s overlooked or undervalued.

For the company itself, all these things directly translate to success. If your employees are constantly leaving and being replaced, doing the minimum amount of work and don’t really care about the clients, how successful do you think that company will be in the long term? Even with a less-than-stellar employees, lack of leadership and other challenges, truly empowered employees can get the job done despite an otherwise rough environment. We created Chava to help empower your people to become the rock stars you know they can be!