To the generation that’s more plugged in than a toaster, these mobile devices hold everything of importance – a link to family, friends and coworkers, a portal to knowledge, a mobile workstation and an endless font of activity. To reach them, you must engage through the smartphone.

That’s why we created Chava, the enterprise app built for connecting.


of millenials say their phone's the one thing they can't live without.

Employers and their employees have different needs when it comes to communication, engagement and operating in the business world. Chava is here to meet the needs of both, just in time.

Employee Directory & Corporate Contacts

We’ve elevated the humble rolodex to a place of sophistication. Sortable by name or location and easy to manage, Chava gives access to employee and internal corporate contacts with a tap. Text, call, email or IM employees or share a little of that sweet recognition sauce with the Rewards function. Access to every contact, in one capable app the rolodex has never been prouder.


Company culture is no joke according to Glassdoor, 66% of healthcare workers would take less pay to work for a company with a great culture. Honest, unflinching feedback from your employees is essential in cultivating a worthwhile culture. Chava lets employees send signed or anonymous feedback to your company. Give your team a voice and save on manpower costs when your turnover rate zooms down to zero.


Take a job well done to the next level with the Chava Rewards feature. Employees can earn points, bestowed on them by anyone in the company, and exchange them for company-provided prizes. Extra vacation days, t-shirts, gift cards or Bacon Ice Cream Day, the rewards are completely customizable to what your employees find valuable.


A team is only as good as its weakest link and sometimes the weakest link is the calendar. By incorporating a calendar function shared across the team, employees will be up-to-date on any scheduling changes made. Your team’s punctuality game will be so on point that clients may start sending thank you notes to their mothers.


Important message that’s not urgent? Add it to the news feature. Messages that are informative, but don’t necessarily need an alert or notification can be posted for employees to look at when it’s appropriate. Did Joyce use up all the printer paper and not replace it? The people need to know.


Whether you like to talk about the weather or deadlines for the next project, Chava’s messaging function works for person-to-person and group messages. All communications can be contained within the app, allowing for access to critical conversations from anywhere.


Polar vortex descending on your building or office invaded by kittens, chances are your employees will want to know about it. Push notifications to employees through Chava for upcoming events, emergencies and reminders through the announcement feature.


With Chava, your entire employee manual, as well as your choice of Frequently Asked Questions, are available within the app. Employees can now revel in your policies and procedures, making your team the most informed bunch of people out there.

Social Media

Display both your Facebook and Twitter accounts within Chava. Make it as easy as possible for your employees to interact with your social media accounts. Engaged employees = happy employees and a great presentation of your company’s culture to the world.

Ready for Chava?