Enhancing the customer experience is important for every company looking to make a name for themselves. Companies use different methods, such as improved customer service, to provide a positive customer experience. However they may be overlooking an important hidden asset the knowledge and know-how of their employees.

Many of our customers are using Chava to build stronger teams with empowered and engaged employees. With Chava, staff can easily create connections between teammates and leaders, increasing their ownership in the success of their projects, departments and company. This helps create an atmosphere where customer problems are solved before they become problems. Read on to learn how Chava helps to engage, empower and encourage employees.

Personalized Ideas

Chava collaboration features help employees to propose new solutions and share them company-wide. If an employee comes up with a novel way to resolve an issue, he or she can immediately post it to a forum where colleagues can comment on, encourage and expand it. Notifications can spread the word and, overnight, a good idea can become a best practice. When employees feel free to share and can see the results immediately, they will bring their best selves, their motivated and productive selves, to work every day.


But Chava offers more than just a great opportunity for innovation. With Chava’s flexible and easy-to-use reward system, you can make sure your high performers stay engaged. Rewards can be set so that anyone can quickly thank a colleague for a quick answer, helpful suggestion or fantastic idea. In today’s social age of likes and up votes, you do not want to a chance that your best workers wonder about whether or not they are valued. Employees who are confident about their contributions will go stay engaged and put in the extra effort to keep a customer happy or go after another lead.

Equal Voice

In today’s fast-paced work environment, it is hard for some employees to be heard. Everyone knows the frustration of conference calls where onsite employee chatter makes it hard for remote users to participate. Chava eliminates this challenge by putting everyone on the same page. Introverts who struggle in meetings can post their idea to a forum where they will get as much attention as the extroverts. Remote users can stay engaged with what is going on in the office. Leaders can speak directly to employees, not across levels of hierarchy. Chava lets you unlock the potential of every employee no matter where they are in the organization. Good ideas can come from anywhere. Do not allow your company’s next big idea go unrealized because the employee who has does know how to share it.

These are some of the ways in which Chava can help the companies motivate their employees. If the employees are motivated and satisfied, your customers will know it in the exceptional service they receive.

Customer experience is more important now than ever before, especially with the millennial generation making such a huge impact on today’s companies and the workforce. Read about why employee engagement is so important for millennials.

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