Having difficulty retaining your customers? Wondering how you can build customer loyalty? Keeping your customers loyal is imperative for every business. An easy way to develop loyalty is through effective follow-up.

Customer loyalty is valuable to every business as it provides a steady stream of income while you prospect for new opportunities. Retaining a customer after the initial sale gives you the chance to introduce them to goods and services beyond their current need. And a strong, loyal relationship built on trust will help you weather the inevitable rough patch.

Delivering great service and products is the most recognized way of building customer loyalty. However, it is not the only way. Often overlooked is the goal of making the customer’s success your success. After all, you are more likely to get repeat business from a successful customer than not. The challenge is how to encourage and support your customer without overdoing it. This is where Chava excels. With Chava, you can build an ongoing relationship that is more like a conversation and less like a sales call. Here are the things that you can do to encourage your customer’s loyalty with Chava.

Keep Customers Informed

Using Chava’s intuitive communication features, you can keep your audience informed about offers, events, news or other helpful information. A simple notification about a latest development can alert them to a new opportunity. An update on an improved service or a promotion can help them save money and build their business. Using Chava, you can build your relationship and stay relevant long after the initial sale. And, as they learn about you, you will learn about them and gain insight on how to serve them better.

Talking to your Customers

Chava also lets you have a two-way conversation with your customers. Don’t let an important question sit in your voicemail or inbox while the opportunity withers away. Chava helps your customers reach you via text or phone whenever, wherever they need you. If there is a problem, your response can be immediate, limiting the impact to your customer and building their loyalty. For support issues, Chava features the ability to include FAQs within the app. If a customer posts a question you will also get a notification for follow up.

Engage Your Customer Wherever, Whenever.

Of course, your customers won’t only be on Chava. We understand there is a great big, social world out there . Chava can integrate with your corporate Facebook and Twitter accounts so your reach extends wherever your customers are. And because you are using one app to communicate across many platforms, your message will be consistent and your responses coordinated.

Overall, Chava is the key to building strong customer loyalty through consistent, clear communication and engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions are one of Chava’s many great features that help answer customer questions and increase overall satisfaction and loyalty.

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