Every company is focused on being profitable and building a valuable brand. A brand helps customers associate positive qualities with the company, differentiate it from competitor and generate loyalty. The traditional way to build a brand is through market research, positioning, pricing and advertising. However, today’s social world has upended the traditional. Why not use social tools to empower your potential audience to build your brand for you? The following tips will help you bring your customers in, encourage them to share what features or services are meaningful to them, and build loyalty before you even make your first sale.

Hear Their Voice
Most importantly, give them a platform and encourage them to share. Be ready for positive or negative comments and always respond openly and constructively. Do not be afraid to ask questions in return. Even the most difficult customer can be an unexpected asset. Bill Gates’s quote that “your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning” definitely holds true. Nothing builds brand loyalty more than the feeling that you are listening and value their opinion.

Create a Rapport
However, it is not enough to just listen. You need to ensure follow through. If you promise an action, make sure you deliver on that as soon as possible. If your audience raises a complaint, resolve it or offer alternatives. Following up helps you create a rapport with your audience and gives you the opportunity to build relationships. Seeing their opinions turn into action will give them some ownership in the final product. If the ultimate product does not deliver or your service is horrible, a relationship will not save your brand. But it will help make average offerings into excellent ones.
Know Your Audience

No one can know your customers better than themselves. Do not get in their way by making assumptions. Even if you have the best ideas, if your customers do not recognize the value, they will not buy your product. But, be careful. Getting seduced by a single customer can lead to a product only that customer wants. Make sure you are getting the full picture. If you current audience is not enough, then you need to expand before moving forward.

Track Their Needs
Empowering your audience is not a one-time effort. If you have a good audience base, you will want to go back to them on a consistent basis. Make sure you track their needs from contact to contact. No one likes rehashing their challenges over and over. Coordinate any contacts so that you keep a single face to the customer. Even if you cannot act on suggestion, record it and track it. Later, when you can tackle it, your customer will be rewarded by the fact you have not forgotten. Small things like these make a difference.
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