People often say communication is key. That’s a fair statement, but it’s missing something that makes all the difference in the world… Communicating your message in the wrong way can be worse than not communicating it at all. I say: The right type of communication is key. There are three components to communicating the right way: Method, Length and Relevance.


There are so many ways to communicate a message… In person, via phone, over email, SMS, instant message, writing a letter… What’s best for your message? To know that, you have to step back and take a look at your audience. How they will likely consume the message? Depending on the method of delivery, the tone of your message could be lost–so make sure you compose carefully! Weigh the pros and cons of different ways you might want to send your message. And, it’s often best to use multiple methods to cover your bases since you might have a diverse audience.


You might think the message itself should dictate the length of the communication. That’s not always true, and can sabotage your communication. Remember, you can always communicate a summary and instruct the recipient how to get more details if needed. That way you get your message across for both of the extremes. Your communication should be long enough to be clear and concise, and not clouded with a million words. Ever heard of the term TL;DR? That stands for “Too Long; Didn’t Read.” You can easily kill your message by providing too much detail.


Finally, be sure you communicate in a relevant manner. That means you must think of your audience and what they’d want to hear. What’s in it for them? What’s the personal impact to them? Make sure the content interesting for your audience. Sure, you might think it’s critical to report an “arbitrary status update about whatever,” but that’s exactly what they’ll see, unless you make sure the message speaks to them at their level.

If you know your audience, you probably have a good handle on each of these three components. But, if you’re in doubt–just ask! You might be surprised at the preferences you hear back from folks. Just give the people what they want, and you’re on your way to being a much better communicator with a more engaged team. It’s takes some effort, but believe me the payoff is worth it!

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