Chava is most well known as a great employee engagement solution. That’s no surprise, as it’s why we created it originally for ourselves! So, it’s only natural that the top use of Chava is for companies to engage their employees. But, you might be surprised to learn that’s not the only way to leverage our great engagement tool. It seems like every day I hear of another interesting potential use of Chava. This has happened to me so much that I have started to describe Chava differently, depending on who’s in the discussion.

In the broadest sense, I like to call Chava an “audience engagement platform.” With it’s broad set of communication and collaboration features, Chava is way more than just a communication tool. Your particular audience might be something other than employees depending on your company and how you want to leverage Chava. For example, here are some ways companies can use Chava to engage different types of audiences:

  • Companies can use Chava to engage with Employees
  • Organizations can use Chava to engage with Members
  • Corporations can use Chava to engage with Clients
  • Marketers can use Chava to engage Prospects
  • Non-Profits can use Chava to engage with Donors
  • Governments can use Chava to engage with Residents

I urge you to ask yourself… Who is your audience, and how effectively are you engaging them? Is it a constant struggle? Could you be doing better? I help people engage their audience more effectively every single day. I’d love to learn more about your unique challenges… Contact me at or 317-577-9958 ext. 125 and let’s chat or meet up!

About Me: I’m Ben Klopfer, Chief Sales Ninja at Chava. When I’m not helping others engage their audience using our platform, you might find me engaging rubber-to-road on my bike (as long as the weather is nice). I’m also VP of Sales at eimagine, but we created Chava so it’s kind of the same role for me there, I guess! I love meeting new people, sharing advice and helping others find ways to be more successful.