The Struggle

The creators of Chava have seen it all. Day-to-day operations in a tech world that’s evolving faster than anyone could imagine have brought a whole new host of issues to the business landscape.

While working remotely one day, members of the eimagine team realized that they had no easy way to get access to key people, some of whom were also working remotely. Calling several people to get one phone number or waiting for unanswered emails to finally get a response took up precious time that could have been spent helping clients.

A little while later, another problem popped up. The issue of medical cards. Where were they? Were they sent in the mail? Were they online? No one really knew.

So, we thought, wouldn’t it be better to have business contacts, messaging and important policies and information all in one place?

This was the moment, the spark of life that hatched Chava.

The spark for Chava

After that, the ideas for Chava started to come to life. Working for eimagine, the team had gotten used to a great culture, one that rewarded stellar ideas and productivity quarterly with kudos and VIP awards. But, they thought, why let employees know they’re doing a good job only 4 times a year? Why not give a nice bump of encouragement to people when it happened?

So, rewards went into the mix. Then ideas for enhanced communications, calendars and notifications — anything that could make a business more efficient and connected, and employees feel happy and appreciated, went into the app.

Today, we continue to put our energies into making the Chava app exceptional. We expect it to never stop evolving and to be the go-to platform teams rely on.

Chava & eimagine

eimagine was founded in 1998, back in the wild west days of dial-up internet and AOL install discs. As eimagine grew in the next decade, we expanded into serving a diverse set of clients in federal, state, finance and healthcare fields. While we’ve worked with larger organizations, we still have that homegrown Indiana pride we love to help local companies reach their full potential.

Traditionally, eimagine has served our clients with SharePoint/CRM Microsoft services, but, as the technology landscape changes, we’ve branched out into a newer passion: mobile app development. We’ve always been excited about the possibilities that come from working on a mobile platform and our hard work and exploration has finally been realized in the Chava app.

eimagine puts fun in everything we do. We were honored to be named one of the 2017 Best Places to Work in Indiana. With that distinction, we continue to work with our team and our clients to be a creative force in Indiana, and, one day, across the world.

Why We're Awesome

Yep, we said it we’re awesome. Why? Because we know the status quo is meant to be busted up. We’ve seen the problems of working in a mobile world without mobile resources.

So, we created a solution that works for us. And we think it will work even better for you. That’s what you can expect from the Chava team we don’t see problems, we see opportunities.