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Actual Rewards from Actual People
Real props given to group members by group members. And the best part? They can be redeemed for real rewards. Could be some branded swag, a pizza party, or even extra vacation days. Whatever customized rewards gets your group going.


Easy Contributions for True Empowerment
It’s time to bring your team back together. Build forums that gives everyone on a project or in a team an equal voice. Setup feedback that can be submitted right from their phone, either anonymously or under their name.


Bring Remote Workers Together
It’s time to embrace Chava. See, Chava was designed and built specifically with those scattered workforces in mind. It starts by connecting them, and adds notifications, calendars, manuals, and other modules to keep them engaged.

We know teams. Like, really well.

Chava is easy, even addictive. You’ll wonder how you ever operated without it.

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of employees say engagement is a problem


of highly engaged employees trust their leaders


of all US businesses have an employee recognition program

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OurHealth Engages Teams With Custom App by Chava

Chava joined OurHealth’s annual company retreat to introduce the new OurHddle app. Launched as the team engagement and communication app for the OurHealth team, OurHddle is based on the Chava platform, but configured specially to reflect the OurHealth brand.

See how Chava helps OurHealth communicate and engage effectively.