Benefits of Effective Communication

“I don’t know why we even have these meetings. We always just listen to the same people talk. I should just stay at my desk.” Sound familiar? If so, take the complaint seriously. It may be a signal of an important missing component from your team: effective...

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Peer to Peer Recognition vs Manager to Subordinate

In this day and age, communication is key. This is more important in a business setting than in any other situation. Managers, subordinates, and peers simply have to communicate and share objectives and goals efficiently and effectively. This article discusses the...

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The Role of Communication in Disaster Recovery

A disaster is a set of events which place an area in an inoperable state. The same definition when is applied to businesses leads to the development of disaster recovery planning. Disaster recovery in businesses means making an organization recover from the negative...

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How To Make Employee Engagement Work

The field of industrial and organizational psychology crystallized during the First World War and has provided a great deal of insight into work performance and the motivation for individuals to work. Employee engagement is one factor that has a great impact on work...

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Why Employee Engagement is Important for Millennials

You know what is the problem with millennials? We fail to see the world and everything in it the contemporary way. We want to try new things and establish new trends that bring about changes in our lives, our society, and even on our planet. Being a part of the new...

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OurHealth Engages Teams With Custom App by Chava

Chava joined OurHealth’s annual company retreat to introduce the new OurHddle app. Launched as the team engagement and communication app for the OurHealth team, OurHddle is based on the Chava platform, but configured specially to reflect the OurHealth brand....

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