Three Myths (And Three Truths) About Chava

There are three main reasons people interested in stepping up their employee or audience engagement are hesitant about seeing a demo of Chava. Do you fall into one of these three groups? Read on and we’ll dispel the persistent myths surrounding Chava. Which one...

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Chava: Not Just For Employee Engagement

Chava is most well known as a great employee engagement solution. That’s no surprise, as it’s why we created it originally for ourselves! So, it’s only natural that the top use of Chava is for companies to engage their employees. But, you might be...

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Communication Is Not Key

People often say communication is key. That’s a fair statement, but it’s missing something that makes all the difference in the world… Communicating your message in the wrong way can be worse than not communicating it at all. I say: The right type of...

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What Happens When Employees Aren’t Empowered?

Ask many companies what drives success and you’ll get a wide array of answers. Many say good leadership is the key. Some say it’s all about hiring the best and brightest staff. Other responses are all across the board. At Chava, we like to think that above...

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Encouraging Customer Loyalty with Chava

Having difficulty retaining your customers? Wondering how you can build customer loyalty?  Keeping your customers loyal  is imperative for every business. An easy way to develop loyalty is through effective follow-up. Customer loyalty is valuable to every business as...

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Benefits of Effective Communication

“I don’t know why we even have these meetings. We always just listen to the same people talk. I should just stay at my desk.” Sound familiar? If so, take the complaint seriously. It may be a signal of an important missing component from your team: effective...

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Peer to Peer Recognition vs Manager to Subordinate

In this day and age, communication is key. This is more important in a business setting than in any other situation. Managers, subordinates, and peers simply have to communicate and share objectives and goals efficiently and effectively. This article discusses the...

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